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Sophia "Sophie" Bridgerton (née Beckett) is Benedict's wife and the mother of their four children. Her background and love story to Benedict is a re-creation of Cinderella.


Sophie was born as the illegitimate child to the Earl of Penwood and his maid, whom he had an affair with. Her mother died after childbirth, and for the first few years of her life, Sophie was raised by her maternal grandmother, who was always kind to her.

At the age of three, she was left at the steps in front of her father's house, left under his care. Although, her father presumably did not know of her existence, it was clear that she was his daughter, due to the fact that she clearly had his eyes and his sister's smile. She was then taken in by him as his ward, but was not allowed to refer to him as her father, and he always called her "Sophia". She was practically raised by the other servants, seeing them as her family rather than her own father who almost was never at home and rarely gave her the time of day.

When Sophie was 10 years old, the earl of Penworth married one Araminta Reiling. The little girl was finally hopeful that she would be a part of a real family with loving parents and two sisters of her own, Araminta’s daughters, Rosamund who was eleven and Posy who was ten. Unfortunately, Sophie did not get her wish. Upon arriving to the estate, Araminta immediately realized the connection between Sophie and the earl. This led the bitter woman to despise her and encourage her daughters to do the same. Rosamund was happy to follow the bidding of her mother, while Posy not so much, however the latter was too afraid to stand up for the poor girl.

Sophie didn’t find her life to be terrible though. She found the brightness even if she was quite often in discouraging situations. When she was 14, the earl passed away, leaving her in the reluctant care of Araminta. The woman only agreed to host young Sophie since she would receive an extra £2,000 per year until Sophie’s 20th birthday, according to the earl’s will, for doing so.

After that point, Sophie was no longer treated as a child of the house. She was then used as a ladies maid, however she was worked much harder than most and often had to take on roles all over the house. She endured though- perhaps too well because her 20th birthday, an obvious chance to leave that horrid house, came and went with no plans to vacate.

Months later, the ton was getting very excited over one of the “events of the season.” The Bridgerton Masquerade ball was fast approaching and young ladies all over Mayfair had high hopes for it. None of this mattered to Sophie. She found things like that entertaining in Lady Whistledown of course, but that was not her world. That wasn’t something she was allowed to partake in. Yet, the other servants of the Penwood house did not agree. On the night of the ball, they waited for Araminta and the girls to leave before finding Sophie and dressing her up in clothes from the attic. Also, a pair of shoes borrowed from Araminta’s own closet. The woman would never know.

Sophie was reluctant, but very happy to get this one night of fun. Her true family sent her off to the party and she arrived in a gorgeous silver gown with a pearl encrusted bodice, silver elbow length gloves, silver mask and silver shoes. Her hair was done up and powdered like a true lady. It was no question why she almost immediately received attention from gentlemen of the ton upon arriving.

They did not matter however. It was that one tall man with dark chestnut hair and mischievous eyes that did. Benedict Bridgerton, who she did not recognize at the time since she had never been in his presence before, was immediately taken with this lady in silver. She just seemed so joyful and excited to be living right at that moment. He had to know her. Sophie, not being a lady of society, had never learned to dance. That fact did not discourage Benedict from persuading a dance with her. He insisted that he teach her, perhaps on the private terrace. So that is where they fled together, until his younger brother, Colin, caught up with them. The slightly shorter man also was evidently taken with Sophie at first, but of course he was. She was a stunning, mysterious lady.

This short lived conversation allowed Sophie to realize just who she was talking to. Both of the most eligible bachelors of the season. Not that it mattered of course. She would disappear after tonight, going back to being “just Sophie.” But tonight, she was exciting. She was mysterious. She belonged there. Benedict quickly made it clear to his brother that the lady was his, though Sophie hardly minded. There was just something about Benedict that… she wasn’t really sure.

Physical appearance[]

Sophie has dark blonde hair and moss-like green eyes. It has been stated that she received many physical attributes, especially her eyes, from her late father.

Personality traits[]

Sophie is incredibly caring, selfless and honest. She is genuinely an incredibly nice person, always wanting the people she cares about to be comfortable and happy; she does her best to make sure everyone is comfortable before thinking about herself. She absolutely adores children, and family means everything to her.



Benedict Bridgerton




"I think Violet is a lovely name. I just hope it's a girl. Because if it's a boy, he's never going to forgive us."

"I thought he'd forgotten me. All these years I'd thought he'd written up his will and simply forgotten about me. I knew he couldn't really leave money for his bastard daughter, but he'd told all the world I was his ward. There was no reason he couldn't provide for his ward.. He could have provided for a ward. People do that all the time."


  • Sophie's favourite colour is green 💚
  • She always wanted to name her daughter Violet after her mother-in-law, but had three sons before finally having a girl.